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Our Approach

With thought provoking information and entertainment, quality conversations and music, we impact lives, one day at a time.

Ever needed to throw some water on your face to wake you up, be more alert and refresh your self ? We think at some point, we’ve all needed that. This is what The H2O Show is all about. The legendary Bruce Lee said it best, we’re paraphrasing his famous quote. “Be like water, shapeless, formless. Put it in a cup, water will take shape of the cup, put it in a bottle, it will take shape of the bottle. Water can flow or it can crash with force. Be water my friends. “ This represents the construct of our show. We dedicate our time and energy to building a collective, a group of individuals across the world who are well informed, aware, active, proactive in their communities. We bring light to conscious topics not normally discussed along with captivating guests and interviews, fusing it with lyrically rooted music of all different types of genres while continuously expanding our platform to reach our goals. Collective progression within an exponentially growing conscious community around the world, relating and building with each other.

Our Story

The H2O Show, based out of Long Island, New York is comprised of a two man team, Hermann “Big Perm” Wolff & Omar “NYDJ360” Johnson. Established in 2011, The H2O Show has built a foundation and evolved from a podcast to a radio show aligning themselves with the iconic group Wu Tang Clan and their Wu World Radio as well as ACRTV (African Caribbean Radio Television) over the years bringing content to spark the mind musically and intellectually with an audience spanning the globe constantly looking to add on to this movement. Our objective is to “ Impact Lives One Day at a Time” providing a “Splash of Refreshness” from the cookie cutter, monotonous media platform and business constructs we see too often.

Meet the Team

New York DJ 360 and Host Big Perm


New York DJ 360

DJ, Consultant

From the origins of music production, DJ 360 developed a talent to mix different music together.  Inspired by DJ Pioneers like Grand Master Flash, DJ Red Alert, Killamanjaro, and Stone Love.  And student to DJ Technicians from the Jam Master Jay Scratch Academy, DJ 360 delivers lyrical and musical masterpieces to the show.

Big Perm Pic

Host Big Perm

Host, Consultant

Big Perm can be considered a renaissance man delving his talents in various fields. His passion for learning and impacting lives brought him to partnering up with DJ 360 to create "The H2O Show". Taking his Psychology degree from Suny-Stonybrook and experiences working in real estate, event coordination, sales as well as business management melded a best of both worlds mix to deliver content for our audience to digest. Creating a hunger and thirst for more insight, we're looking to continously feed.