#BlackMondays – Support Black Owned Businesses

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.  Pick A Day!

It doesn’t have to be Monday.  It could be Friday.  One day a week or two days a week or it could even be different companies that you touch everyday.

Show Love and Support that matters to the bottom line.

Any day of the month create a consistent commitment and offering of Love to your favorite Black Owned Business or Service.

The object here is Consistency.  On your #BlackMonday you will Connect Directly with the Business.  This will Help circulate currency into the business as it tries to grow and reinvest in itself, the local neighborhood, and community.  Your favorite business will be encouraged by your dedicated patronage.

You will cultivate a better relationship with the owners that may even create better ideas for the company and or the customers.  Share positive thoughts with the workers and see how much they like working there.  Enhance the environment so that your community, and our communities can be more self-sufficient and self-reliable.

Be proud of our differences.  Black, White, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, etc…  We must live together in a world where the rich are getting richer, and the poorer keep getting ignored.  You can invest against Prejudice, Racism, and Hate by allowing your Black Owned Businesses’s to compete properly amongst the corporate giants around us.  Build up your local economy in ways that will help the small businesses succeed today.  Don’t wait.  #BoycottFastfoods  #SupportBlackBusinesses  #HolisticRemedies  #OriginalIdeas  #IndigenousPeople  #NativePeople  #AllCanHelp  #BlackLivesMatter  #HelpFlintMichigan

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  3. I believe you have a good thing going for our black people. We must begin somewhere. And where us best to start but among ourselves? Then we share with the world! Keep on making a difference. It will be your legacy, what good you do today will make better for future generations. Peace Out! Take Care.

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