Preparation for The Winter Solstice

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Tis’ the Season they say, Holidays galore. We have Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas to name a few of the most obvious. A time to be merry, be with friends and family. Most people frantically trying to find the right gift for their friends and family. Shopping ever since Black Friday or before, I’ve seen Christmas Lights since right after Halloween!

Now-a-days, we have to be true masters of time to get everything we want done as time flies literally, seemingly moving faster now than before. I don’t know about you, when someone used to say that to me or I would think that to myself, it would give me pause. There are 60 seconds in 1 minute, 60 minutes in 1 hour, 60 hours in 2.5 days (bet you expected me to say 24 hours in a day, like to keep ya on your toes…lol), etc. Supposedly so precise, being the thinker that I am, I would ask myself ” How is this really possible then? How does it feel like time is moving faster? “. The beautiful thing about knowledge, even though once you discover an answer another question seems to follow, when you do unlock answers though, the empowerment has no rival. Ready and excited to unlock more this leads us to our topic of discussion. What’s the Winter Solstice? How and why do we need to prepare for it? How does time play a role in all of this?

Let’s start with the last question to show the importance of the first. How does time play a role in all of this? Before we go any further, please do your own research, double check all the info given in this article. I wouldn’t just take anyone’s word on anything. Now with that being said, let’s go in and build! Some people may already know and believe this, but for others this might be a complete surprise and utter shock to them. TIME as we know it is an ILLUSION. Time is a human measurement, a limited understanding of our connection and relation between the Earth, Sun, ourselves and the Universe. The concept of time is an attempt to regulate and design a social construct for us, humans to follow. Our clocks and calendars are MAN-MADE, which can be manipulated at will. For example all you have to do is look at the difference between the 12 month calendar and the 13 month Moon Calendar or the Hebrew Calendar. Look at the concept of daylight savings time, if our time is exact and absolute. How are we able to pick a time to push the time an hour forward or an hour back? There’s only one universal and absolute clock the Earth follows. One common denominator in almost all cultures and civilizations on Earth dating back as far as we can date things. The one thing that radiates and brings life to all on this planet. THE SUN. This fiery ball of infinite energy is the key. Why do you think just about every culture, religion or civilization celebrates the SUN either directly or indirectly in some form or fashion. From the 21 Sacred sites around the world all uniquely aligned using sacred geometry (pi & golden ratio) to most all of the holidays we celebrate revolve around the movement of the Sun. The sun resonates, vibrates a tremendous amount of energy. The position, orbit and tilt of the Earth around the Sun dictate the right combination to create life and existence on our planet. As the Earth orbits around the Sun, there are 4 significant periods of the sun’s movement in relation to Earth. They are the Fall,  the Spring Equinoxes and Summer, and the Winter Solstices. Let’s focus on the Winter Solstice.

If you breakdown the word “Solstice”, it means stands still. So the Winter Solstice could be described as the Sun standing still in the Winter. I know what that sounds like, just stay with me. From the Summer Solstice to the Winter Solstice, the Sun descends south and appears to be lower & lower, smaller & smaller to the eye. While orbiting the Sun in elliptical circles, the Earth has a tilt. It rotates and tilts away and toward the Sun. On Winter Solstice, which can land between Dec 20th to Dec 23rd, most common is Dec 22nd, the Sun is directly overhead of the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere. The North Pole is tilted furthest away from the Sun (-23.5 degrees). It has reached it’s lowest point, the days have gotten shorter and colder. The closer you are to the North Pole the less daylight you will have culminating at the Winter Solstice when there will be no daylight at all and vice versa at the South Pole where there will be 24 hrs of sunlight. When it reaches that point, for the next 3 days the Sun will appear not to move again. On Dec 25th, the Sun will begin to rise again, 1 degree a day as the Earth begins to start tilting the other way. This process is looked at as the death and rebirth of the Sun in spiritual sense. Leaving one stage to enter another. The height and climax of YANG energy which is associated with solar energy, left brain activity, creativity and expansion. So if you do the math, add it up. The ability to be aware, in-tune with and absorb this energy would only strengthen our own ability to create and manifest things in our life. Empowering us to truly be a reflection in our creator’s image. Sounds great, but how do we go about this?


This year’s Winter Solstice begins on Dec 21st at 11:03 pm EST. It’s best to start preparing about 7 days prior to the beginning of the Winter Solstice which would be last night leading into today, Dec. 15th,2015. Here are some things to consider for your preparations:

-Be Aware & Take a Self Inventory (inner-standing)
Find a quiet place and take an assessment of yourself and direction without placing a sense of burden or stress on the process. Meditate on these type of questions.
What are you wanting to manifest as your life’s purpose right now ?
What parts of your life and personal growth have been successful ?
What parts could be modified to keep you progressing in the next cycle?
What are the best ways that you can refresh yourself, physically and spiritually?
What wisdom is seeking to reveal itself to you at this time ?

Make sure you receive proper and sufficient rest before the winter solstice. A minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 8 hours. Oversleeping can drain you. We want our bodies and minds to be at optimal levels.

A cleansing is needed for us to vibrate at a higher level as well as consciously connect with beings of the highest vibrations (ascended masters) to empower us to manifest. We detoxify and purify our bodies using Epsom Salt to bath in, visualize releasing any limiting beliefs (doubts) and your aura being cleansed while showering or bathing. You must consciously stop or cut back on sugar, caffeine, junk food and things of that nature.Be aware of any aspects of your life that maybe draining your energy. For example, relationships with close ones like family,friends, and business associates that harbor negativity.

-Set Clear Specific Intentions from Meditative Self Assessment
This step is the aftermath from us finding that quiet place, meditating on ourselves from the first step. CREATING a spiritual, physical leading to a metaphysical directive for ourselves coinciding with the rebirth of the Sun, start of a new cycle.

Meditate on that…

Now, below is another video to help you prepare your research.  This is an in-depth explanation and the acknowledgment that shows how parts of the Christmas story, like the 3 day resurrection, has come from the original knowledge and information our Ancestors in Egypt left to us way before there were Greece and Roman Empires that mimicked Egypt’s spiritual and philosophical systems.  The FreeMasons used our wisdom to build obelisks all over the world and have written many religious books that hides the true facts of what our Ancient Egyptian and Kemetic Societies shared and left with us first.   They admit it themselves here:


Let’s all empower ourselves to better and be the best we can be. Collective progession is what THE H2O SHOW is all about. Check out this Sunday’s show where we’ll continue to build on the Winter Solstice on Wu World Radio from 11pm-12am EST. If you have missed it, you can check out our archives of our shows at:


-Peace & Love-

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