Hip-Hop in 2021 and it’s Evolution Over the Years

Created by us, Hip-Hop Artists and Producers, for Everyone. Since the beginning the Culture of Hip-Hop worked itself into obtaining a proper placement in the music industry. While the worst of American society, poverty, oppression, and slavery created the environment that Hip-Hop was created in, it was an escape for the creators and listeners regardless of where they may be from. If you could relate, it hit that much harder. Now recognized as a legitimate pillar of the music industry, it encompasses all genres inside of its influences and sounds. The way Hip-Hop uses samples from other music may actually keep the original pieces of music alive, as well as creating a new direction for the new produced piece. Even live bands give Hip-Hop a unique feel that when added with the two turntables and a mic, it rises as a live and natural new creation.