The H2O Show Movement

1/20/2020 – Long Island, New York.

The H2O Show – Conscious Entertainment with News, Music, and Videos.

New York DJ 360 and Host Big Perm use our talents and our creativity to deliver information that inspires thought and research to uncover more positive paths of the future and to find the truth in history and in our present day.

We start off fresh this year with this blog to bring our audience back together and on the same page again. The roots for this H2O Movement goes back more than 10 years. Through the years people found us in different ways. Some met us first on the streets of New York where we shared our mix cds and newsletters, networked inside clubs and lounges, and hosted talent shows and music industry events. Others may have met us along the east coast, in other major cities we organized events with guests and artists from our show. There are many of you who met us on our first blog and podcast site that reached over 60,000 views. Or maybe you heard us on Wu World Radio, Wu-Tang Clan’s Internet Radio/TV Station. Welcome back and Thank You all for your love and support.