Conversations For The Black Family: Stock Investing

When we look back at 2020 and what the stock market did, you can’t help but to be notice the gains that were able to be taken advantage of. You may ask, how could we have invested in stock market while we were going through a global pandemic? The answer is here in this blog. Today we explore the world of stock investing or trading.

The companies you could have invested in are many. The only difference in finding the stock that’s right for you, is the strategy you use to find them. There are long term, short term, high dividend return, and many other strategies you can use, to find an investment plan that can work right for you. Our interest here is to point out a few facts that can spur your interests and encourage you to converse with your family about investing in stocks.

This past years success allows us to focus in on the basics. What do winning companies do? How can I notice one? Will I actually make a profit? Can’t I still loose all my money? Investors look to make a profit and minimize any losses by answring all of these questions are more. This year the US Stock Markets made huge gains, however if your in the wrong stock or not paying attention, yes you could loose your totally investment. This is why most people use stock advisors or brokers to help navigate the market with the best possible stocks and scenerios to buy and sell opportunities based on your interests and or their recommendation.

Research and analyzation will be the key to securing your investments. Now you can monitor the market and your positions easier as the years go by because of technology and the internet. By having access to some of the best trading platforms like:,, and you can safely monitor the market.

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