Space, Africa, and Beyond 2021

With the landing of the Nasa’s Perseverance Rover, which came with a small robotic helicopter, Ingenuity our excitement and opportunities for space have just been reinvigorated. It always seems like a long time before any space progress can take place, but that’s obvious based on the time and logistics that are needed. However, it is amazing to witness the beginning of revolutionary projects and then the mission’s success. With missions on the International Space Station, the Moon, and Mars, opportunities for Africa’s Space involvement couldn’t be better.

The Directory of all Space-related institutions in Africa shows which countries currently have ongoing connections into the industry. Space Agencies, Space Associations/Organizations, Satellite Communication Companies, Earth Observation Institutions, Astronomy Observatories, Universities, Research Centres, and Government Institutions have come together in their countries to make advances in space to help ecological research, communication advances, and security enhancements.

Since 1999, 11 African countries (Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, and Sudan) have successfully launched 38 unilateral and three multilateral satellites into orbit.

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