Disinfectant Routine for COVID-19

Times have really changed and so must we. For the better is the only way forward. So far this is the 4th COVID-19 blog that I wrote while researching the virus. In this blog, I’m going to document a disinfectant routine. Some of these ideas have come from doctors, registered nurses, and other trust sources. These are my suggestions and not a professional directive.

Those that see the extent of the threat, also know the basics and that this virus is easy to catch, easy to spread, but also easy to kill when outside the body. Read my first 3 blogs to catch up. All of the correct ways to handle your hygiene and the cleaning of your living spaces should go up to the next level. Clean yourself and more of your possessions and living areas, better and more often. You have to take conscious and diligent steps forward in order to make things happen. You’ll have to be creative and do research. Get trusted opinions and links to all the professional sources necessary.

Now, my first focus in a disinfectant routine would be to have plenty of hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays, and wipes because they are very effective. Cleaning with water and soap/detergent is number one and they are number two in my book. Use the internet as a tool to find effective DIY sanitizing solutions that may be necessary as a lot of these products may be sold out from time to time in the stores.

I was also thinking of using a handheld uvc sterilizer. I haven’t gotten one yet however, they could work out great. Then besides soap and water, I could sterilize my masks on items like my family’s keys, cell phones, and wallets. All these types of places not usually thought of will be excellent opportunities in helping to take the cleaning to the next level.

I’m using hand sanitizer each time I enter my car or a destination. When I come to my house, I’m heading straight into our washroom area so my clothes do not contaminate my clean environment with any germs. Then I clean the N95Mask and cover. After cleaning them, they go into a designated plastic sandwich size bag I can throw out when the masks or covers are dirty or contaminated.

Patience, logic, and creativity will all help us navigate through this situation. It’s how you need to approach the problem which can dictate in many ways how things may go. With unpredictability, you would want as much going for you and under your control as possible. The same as how social distancing plans work throughout the world, a country, a city or your home. Develop a disinfectant routine that will effectively cut down the opportunity of picking up the virus.

Professionals of the medical establishment and doctors hold and are the most valuable sources of information we can get to. They have the hands-on experiences that scientists try to explain or understand. Just like a firefighter that has waited in the firehouse for the alarm, our nurses and doctors have waited for this alarm and are now working and speaking about their current experiences and shaping advice as to how to win this heated battle over COVID-19.

In this following video, a New York City doctor shares important hands-on information and advice about the virus.

Feature Photo Credit: TheH2OShow.com


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