N95 Mask and a Cover

My perspective on using an N95 Mask and a Cover. Or a KN95 Mask and a Cover.

My 4/20/2020 perspective:
If we have to wear a mask everyday until things get back to normal, I think better ways of using them should be publicized. These masks weren’t intended to be worn every day or for multiple use situations. Theses are Required PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) all employers are supposed to supply to all of their employees. That’s in the OSHA (Occupational Saftey and Health Administration) Rule Book. It’s a mandatory responsibility. Now that COVID-19 came around, those rules are not being followed and some employees have to bring to work their own PPE. Just a terrible situation! Wouldn’t that mean citations or fines for those employers that haven’t supplied them properly? Leave your comments below please, cause I would think so.

I made this video to show how it makes sense to me, to use an n95 or kn95 mask and a cover. This will allow the n95 or kn95 masks to last longer. The idea here is to clean the cover each day. The cover would seem to pick up germs and bacteria from your environments before reaching the surface of your kn95 or n95 mask (expensive) so it can last longer. I wouldn’t try to clean the kn95 mask too much so I wouldn’t ruin the integrity of the mask. It’s the cover I can make bigger, have more layers of and wash more effectively. The cover can even be those 3 layer medical masks or just a DIY cloth mask. Even a bandana. Cloth and bandanas don’t have a filter in it anyway, so that’s not even sufficient protection alone and they keep saying it is on the mainstream news outlets. They say just cover your face by using a bandana or cloth to cover your germs from getting out, but what about the germs you may breathe in? See, this is why I think more can be done!

They don’t deliver the information in the correct ways. It’s really like they do try to put fear out there instead of ideas of stability and integrity. They keep talking around subjects and only give a little information. If you’re not into research then you may not uncover the actual truths or facts. The government doesn’t really try to explain or go in-depth on the news. I don’t think that’s fair when they know more and share less. “They” know what “they’re” doing… so “We The People” have to Be On Point even More and Better than before to survive. They could easily create Traps and Dependencies, especially in times of crisis.
Just my opinion.

Please Keep Healthy and Safe.

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Feature Photo Credit: TheH2OShow.com