Greenwood – A National Full-Service Black-Owned Bank

Named after the Tulsa Oklahoma Burning, Greenwood Bank is a National Full-Service Black-Owned Bank working to be at the forefront of online banking. Home loans, Business Loans, Car Loans, and more banking services will be available online and with no hidden fees. They will target programs that save you money and help the black community.


Business executive, Ryan Glover partners with Andrew Young, a groundbreaking ambassador to over 100 countries, a local activist, Atlanta Mayor, and Congressman to create Greenwood. Their presence in the Black Community is being engulfed by the genius of Michael Render, otherwise know as Hip-Hop Artist, Killer Mike. While his Hip-Hop name may draw negativity due to the way it sounds, you can’t judge a book by the cover in this situation as this gentleman has not only garnered a successful Hip-Hop career, but he has also grown as an entrepreneur in the business world. Hear Killer Mike and Andrew Young describe Greenwood and the bank’s new opportunities for growth in the black community in these YouTube videos below:

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  1. I believe that this awareness must begin & taught at the elementary school level. This will prepare our children for their roles in becoming responsible effective adults. For us as adults, we must put off Competing among ourselves and instead, unite with our differences to make the best that each can offer together as a people.

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