Intellectual Conversation About The Old vs New Mentality

In 2020, you can now tell things will never be the same, and it’s time we make a positive long-term change for the black community. Common sense is being muted by scare tactics, insecurity, jealously, and a southern strategy by the government and racist groups to ignore the facts. Promises, Promises, and More Broken Promises are their way of distracting us from what their real intentions are. In February, our president was briefed on the serious steps to take to help protect the country and instead of helping us immediately, he says, “it’s not that serious” and makes comments like, “the virus will just go away”, and “we are rounding the corner”. These comments are unthoughtful and mislead the public and don’t reinforce mask-wearing or social distance plans that doctors and scientists suggest would help save lives.

I think it’s fair to say our democracy has been up for sale since the beginning of slavery in this country. The government officials are the criminals, and the bystanders that ignore the injustice in the U.S., is another crime that helps hide the oppression and the oppressors who keep draining the resources and lives from the native owners of the lands; the Native Americans, the natives of the Caribbean islands, and the African, Caribbean, and American slaves. They have literally taken away our homes, traditions, our land, our resources, our families, and our ancestors.

The old ways of thinking by now really have to be moved on from and elevated to newer and higher ways of thinking and working through critical family and community issues, as well as our personal selves. These ideas have been expressed very well in a conversation with Brother Rich, black scholar, Red Pill and special guest 19 Keys.

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