How Can The Black Community Come Together (2020 Unity)

We are dealing with Love here. We are looking for better ways to get along. We recognize as a Community that we are not taking advantage of the progress we have made as a collective people. Simply put, support grows success. If we consistently support one another; our best interests, vendors, businesses, schools, etc in our community, we can slowly succeed. Time will tell as our work continues towards normalcy who will win, sort of speak… Literally we have a chance to start anew and work towards a common goal from a new beginning. There are various people among us who inspire us to do great things like Lebron James, Micheal Jordan, Will Smith, Pharrell Williams. They inspire each other. Now let us all take it to the next level this time and encourage each other to continue supporting one another consistently. Use services or buy from whoever your favorite black businesses are. Even look for new openings that may interest you. Anything to help open up an economic opportunity. You could even think of some non-black owned businesses, events, stores, restaurants, etc that you currently frequent that may hold you back from recognizing and showing extra support to your Black peoples.

This is our opportunity to move forward together, like when Obama became President. Even he has got to be in this and must do his part to continue to support and encourage others to do the same. And as the Love For The Black Community grows, it will come back around to all of us. To each one of us consistently so our community can do even greater things with our fellow Americans. However it’s imperative that we make this move together, as a Black Community now. Represent the hard-hit losses and setbacks we faced from the Covid19 pandemic by continuing to help each other together.

It’s the best time to make a turnaround. We need to deal with our losses by gaining victories together. We’ve lost loved ones and made heroes of ourselves when the virus came around. We now need to exercise wisdom and dedicate the collective ideals and principles we have as black people, a family, from a similar beginning and a recognizable legacy, to finally allow our successes to grow. Take a stand and teach your children to lead a better future. One with an economic stability like we witness together here in America. We know what it takes. With the right chemistry as an example, Black Wall Street was created. We are a great people when working together and even with other people. If it wasn’t for Black People, America wouldn’t have made it into space when they did. We just need to be in the present and aware of our capabilities and maximize them with each other. Focus on the small black businesses we feel are important to our community. Whoever we want to thrive. Over the next 5 months, it will be us who can allow our small businesses to survive.

This is the type of progress that will enhance our relationships and create economic bridges of sustainable success throughout the country. Also these signs of progress could definitely help curb the violence. In these current times, we tend to fight or argue way too quickly. Our main focus for any age or situation should resort to better communication.

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