Black Leaders Spotlight: Nana Akufo-Addo

Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo is a bright star in Leadership for his country and the continent. Although he faces an uphill battle, as do other African leaders and countries, however, his speeches have shown his abilities to outline an obtainable economic and social growth plan that will integrate with other African countries to bring the Continent and the Country of Ghana closer to independence from all historic and current Colonial ties. Nana shows the reality of Ghana’s present situation based on the exploitation of the country by the various colonial powers. Again, his eloquence points at the transformation of not only Ghana but Africa as a whole. He’s definitely not alone in his view of a united Africa. Much so, the reason why we considered him for this blog is that we found him working with others. PLO Lumumba, Paul Kagame, and leaders like Nana aim to help unite the continent of Africa through the direct connection of their country’s resources, finances, and economic growth without the Colonial assistance period.

Africa is looking to gain it’s true independence down this road. Yes China, Russia, the US and other countries are big investors in various industries, however if Africa can solve its internal political problems for economic growth and security, the future will be bright sooner than later.